ScaryCanary Clothing started it's life from a small basement in the Midlands house of it's two founders in 2008. Originally selling vintage clothing through the means of the internet the duo has seen their business unfold and evolve into what is is today.

Thousands of trips to the post office later the couple finally raised enough money to open the Stourbridge based store in mid April 2010 and over the next two years the journey from mainly dealing in vintage clothing to now new and independent brands has been phenomenal.

ScaryCanary is no doubt a forward thinking independent store seeking out new and unique trends and boasts clothing brands that are ideas and design lead as well as a mix of styles that are accessible and affordable to all. Concept is key to what makes the store so successful.

ScaryCanary stands by an ethos to be ethically aware in the clothing industry and supports brands that are striving to maintain sustainability or do their best to choose those with a good heritage and valued work force.

The people of ScaryCanary also like to promote individual ideas and talent and enjoy using their store as a platform to see others benefit. They organise regular film nights, gigs and charity events all with the encouragement for others to come forward and share any ideas with them.

ScaryCanary hopes that you'll find something to love...


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